Why custom?

The art of customization has become part of everyday life since designers sought to differentiate themselves from each other. Designers are king in fashion and their style is now the standard of major fashion houses.

Sport has taken these codes to be an extension of our personal style in our physical activity. Each brand is now developing its own image.

Many companies offer you today to create your product according to your desire. Personalization is Now Accessible to the General Public

To customize is to display your identity, that of your tribe. The bike is no exception to this trend.

Competition was the first vector in personalization. Each team shows their colors and sponsors on their jersey.

Bike brands quickly understood the interest of offering specific programs to create their own outfits but also to build their unique bike: custom assembly but now also custom colors for customers concerned about not riding like the others.

We are no longer afraid of the difference. Social networks have also been a driving force in the cult of personalization.

To go even further in your quest for difference, we have created Uptofeelgood to allow you to transform your everyday bicycle accessory into a real work of art.

Who are we?

Carine Pierson: Graphic designer and illustrator.

Sonny Chamand: Sales manager in the bicycle sector.

Both tattooed, customization is an integral part of our respective personalities. Couple in life but also on the bike, it is after a Bike trip of 1000km together, with a personalized outfit in two copies, that the adventure began.

The idea of riding in a different style with a universe that resembles us was the driving force behind the creation of Uptofeelgood.

Why this name?

English speakers use an expression «up to no good» which means: ready for nothing good.

We wanted to put a nose to this expression and say that we were ready to feel good whatever we do and above all, to make people feel good with our customizations.

What does the logo represent?

It is simply the initials of our first names: Carine and Sonny.

The logo represents a mountain and a road to reach it.

What do we do? We customize:

Bike shoes, sneakers, accessories, etc …

We study the feasibility of your project together.

All customizations are hand painted. No serial work. Each work is unique.

We also create designs for cycling jerseys. We can make them in collaboration with the Northwave brand.

A tailor-made service:

1 – Contact, evaluation of the feasibility and estimate. The price varies according to the complexity of the custom and the time spent.

2 – Creation of a digital model for the validation of the illustration.

3 – Realization by hand of the custom on the product (bike shoes, sneakers, bicycle frame, helmets, bags etc …)

4 – A period of approximately 15 days is expected for your creations.

What products are used for customizations?

The paint we use is specially made to fit all

leather surfaces, as well as many other surfaces such as vinyl. Self-leveling and non-cracking, its formula is flexible and water-resistant. We start by preparing the surface using a specific product to remove contaminants and factory finishes. This allows the paint to adhere properly to the surfaces.

What is the lifespan of a custom?

We use an “Acrylic Finisher” for optimal protection.

A transparent protective topcoat is applied once

the project completed on the whole creation. It helps protect the paint from minor scratches and scratches and acts as an additional layer of durability to prevent cracks.

However, your custom has become an «object of art» requiring special precautions. It is advisable to avoid

friction, soil or water in abundance. The goal is not to risk using the basic material that would endanger the achievement.

How to maintain my custom?

We recommend cleaning with soft brushes or with a sponge using lukewarm water.

Contact us for your custom project:

Carine and Sonny ( bio in AllBlackCC)


Instagram: @uptofeelgood

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