Sonny Chamand ( 1970) Pederobba (Italy)

My name is Sonny. I was born in 1970 the 18th of February. French born in Reunion Island, I live in Italy where I work in the bike industry.

As far as I can remember, I have always been on a bike. BMX, MTB and road since 2014 when I had to race a half Iron Man.

Now I do mostly road and since I have discovered gravel, I also enjoy jumping on my bike to plan bike trips.
Riding a bike is like going back to childhood. You smile, you don’t think about anything else, you feel free. I used to share my passion for bike giving bike lessons to kids in a club. Now I share it on social media with bigger kids.

I work since 8 years in the bike industry and my job gave me the opportunity to travel around the world and meet people and ride bikes with them.

Being part of a community is very important and for me the bike community is the coolest ever. Now with allblack.cc my community is getting bigger and hope I could bring something fresh to this group as a member. See you on the roads or on tracks.


Sonny instagram page

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