Carine Pierson (1982) Grenoble ( France)

Hello, my name is Carine. I was born the 13th of May. You will never know the year as it is not polite to ask a girl her age 😉

Actually, I have never been a great fan of any sport. But two years ago, I started running to come back in shape and I liked it…I started to share on social my runs and really became addicted. But running was just a start…

In April 2019, I had the opportunity to go for a bike ride and it has been a revelation. I could feel the same liberty that I had with running but with more fun.

As a beginner, I have everything to prove and to learn but only 5 months after my beginnings, I did a 1000km bike trip around Croatia and Slovenia. That was amazing.

Now I only think about improving my skills and riding my bike all the time. Already started with some passes in the alps to be ready for my next bike challenges and trips.

Bike is a great community and I am very enthusiast to be an allbalck.cc member. This club is going to bring me new friendship and new inspiration.


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