Thierry Sellier (1976) Périgueux (France)

Hello, my name is Thierry.
I have lived in Périgord in France since always.
I have been riding a road bike since I was very young.
I usually ride every Sunday and always alone. I love the feeling of freedom and adventure that comes from my solitary rides , as well as the calm and silence when everything is peaceful in the early morning, you feel alone in the world with your bike.
I discover new places and I make wonderful new discoveries with each ride.
But I try to be connected to others and to the world, and I humbly wish to introduce my road cycling practice and my region to the cycling community through social networks.
I thank @allblackcc for giving me this opportunity, and I also love to discover your beautiful photos !
I travel thanks to all of you.
Thank you

Be well and see you soon.


Thierry instagram page

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