Michael Bolte (1981) Moeglingen (Germany)

Hello everybody!

My name is Michael. I’m 39 years old and live in South Germany, near 
Stuttgart. As most of us, i learned how to ride a bike, when i was a 
kid. It widened the circle i could discover around my home. After i got 
my drivers license, all that got lost.
A few years back, i rediscovered the bike as a perfect transportation in 
the city. It was fast, easy and cheap. During the very first lockdown, i 
felt kinda lost. Probably everbody did. So i took my bike and started to 
go for short rides, just to move my body.
Soon it became a daily thing and i began to “feel something”, but wasn’t 
sure what it was. Finally i realised, it was freedom, excitement, but 
mostly passion. It took me almost 40 years to discover that. Still, i 
couldn’t be happier. Cycling is not just a sport. It’s my therapie. My 
bike doesn’t demand anything, it’s care who i am, what i do or what i 
think. It gives me the chance to disconnect from my daily stress or the 
my worries. Everytime i ride, i just feel better. Not always good 
afterwards, but better!
I love the possibilties the internet offers to connect with other 
cycists all over the world. I love to share the passion and exchange the 
experiences we made. That’s why i joined Allblack.cc!

I hope i get to meet many of you out there! Ride on


Michael instagram page

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