Alberto Murillo (1973), Barcelona, Spain

Hi! My name is Alberto. I am from Barcelona (Spain) and passionate about mountain biking, more specifically in the discipline of Enduro. My love story with MTB began in the 90s with the first mountain bikes that arrived in Spain. I’m talking about hardtail bikes with no suspension, cantilever brakes, and materials that were sometimes ill-suited for rough handling on the mountain. Fortunately, technology has evolved a lot since then, although my way of understanding MTB hasn’t changed at all: nature, fun, challenges, friends … Every week I do routes of about 30 km where the most important thing is to climb calmly to enjoy great descents, the more technical and demanding, the better. I enjoy both the flow and speed as well as the antiflow and the freeride and quasi-trial descents. I compete with myself … and I share the passion with many friends who are also passionate about Enduro MTB. I like to find new routes and spots that take me out of my comfort zone and help me generate the dose of adrenaline that we all need to feel alive. If you are an Enduro biker and you come to Barcelona, do not hesitate to contact me for great adventures, ha ha …

Alberto instagram page

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