Dave Wilcock (1987) Stafford (UK)

So my story is that bikes have always been apart of my life from always being on them growing up. It was how we got about as kids and even teenagers. I’ve definitely tried most disciplines over the years. It was all bmx when I was a teenager then mountain bikes then as I got into work the bike was my main mode of transport.I didn’t learn to drive till my late 20s so commuting by bike was my first choice.. After learning do drive the bike did go away for a little while and driving gave me the confidence to explore working opportunities slightly further afield. Now i work about 10 miles from home and I took the opportunity through the cycle2work scheme to buy my first road bike 3 years ago. This was one of the best decisions I could have made as I know commute nearly every day by bike and I am hooked again. When I first got back on the bike I was still playing semi professional football locally but due to my partner having a cancer I decided to finish the football as the commitment was to great at that time. Having got back into cycling it ment I was still able to get that fix of exercise I was used to but with more freedom of time. Cycling really helped me transition from stopping playing a sport I had done week in week out since I was 6 and really helps me stay on an level playing field mentally. It has also given me a means to raise vital funds for the GIST Cancer UK charity and hopefully will raise a few more on the future..

I hope that’s OK. Thanks for reading


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