Hi guys ! Pako has been asking for a while if I want to write a piece about our group «de Grindraaijers», freely translated but pronounced in our dialect «the gravelriders» …

We are a trio of friends who love to go out together and then preferably on mixed surface routes .. on one of our rides the idea grew to organize an event, which then resulted in a 90km long social night ride crossing some local forests and a historical site which passes a bunker line from the 2nd world war..

The whole essence is to experience a great evening together with like-minded people and enjoy our hobby together.. Finishing up some food and drinks..

This year we hope to organize another event on a midsummer evening … driving towards the sunset on the next Friday the 13th…
Until then we will continue to do what we love to do and that is riding our bikes, like last week when I rode a 302km long mixesurface ride with Ben (Bvl29) with more than 5200 vertical meters, this was a serious challenge but once we got packed and the moral was high, nothing could stop us..

Starting on a two-day adventure across the High Fens, the Belgian Ardennes and through the many pritoresque villages we had the time of our lives…

For the first time this was a luxury bikepacking and it clearly tastes for more, the bicycle bags borrowed for this event will have to be traded in for your own gear..

If someone from Allblack ever wants to ride in Belgium, do not hesitate to contact one of us, it would be an honor to show others to these super beautiful and legendary cyclingroads.. on road or offroad!

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