Peter Meulemans ( 1967) Belgium

My name is Peter Meulemans(1967), I’m from Belgium living in «de kempen».
When it comes to cycling and especially mtb, I’m a dinosaur.
Discovered the mtb in the mid 80’s when it was still in its children shoes.
In those days shifting( I started with 3×7)and brakes where shitty.
Later on I also bought a racebike, but my passion is still to be on my mtb.
So next purchase will be a gravelbike, which combines the best of both worlds.
It’s perfect for my region because it’s rather flat.
I love the bicycle technology, so I do my own repairs and install new parts myself.
I love long rides,participate at tours and occasionally on a mtb marathon.
But most of all, I love nature and cycling in the woods, sometimes alone but rather with my friends.
Never forget that cycling always should be fun.
By the words of Eddy Merckx
«Ride as much or as little or as long as short as you feel.but ride.»
Be positive, be happy with the life you got and everything looks much brighter.
My mottos «carpe diem» and «keep it simple».
Special thanks to @izabela4205 who inspired me.
Hope to meet some people of the allblack cycling community in the future.


Peter instagram page

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