Sandy Van Hulle (1971) Aalter (Belgium)

My name is Sandy, I’m 49 years old and I live in Belgium. Until 2019 I had never cycled before , I only played tennis and travelled a lot. I have a lot of friends who cycle and I always told them that they were crazy to cycle so much. I never understood their passion.

Till 2018, my life stood still for a moment, I had a cerebral hemorrhage. My life changed from one minute to the other.My health condition was bad, very bad. I don’t remember a lot but I know I was never afraid to die…. although I was afraid that my children should grow up without a mom. The doctors told me that my life would be very difficult and hard, that it would not possible to play any sport and that I would never be the same person as I used to be. But I started to fight, I had to learn a lot of things, a medical rehabilitation of more than 1 year with a lot of support of family and friends.

Since 2019 I could finally sit on a bike, just sit on the saddleand keep my balance and in March 2020 I could go out for my first small ride . I had to start riding a MTB because this was the only possibility to remain by balance . I had to take private training, had an amazing friend who learned me how to keep my balance, to learn some easy technics,… 

According to the doctors it’s a miracle, according to me it’s just willpower. I always was a positive person, a determinedwoman, I believed in myself and I was convinced I could do it . In the meantime I made a big progress and this year I bought my first road bike. I just love it to go outdoors with my bike. I love muddy trails, rain doesn’t mind, as long as I don’t have to stay indoors. I really hate it to ride indoors, I need to see people , need to enjoy the nature, need to talk and even to sing on my bike ( but my friends don’t like that ) I even dedicate to visiting Spain several times a year to enjoy the beautiful rides with my Spanish friends.

In  the meantime cycling become a part of my life and I met so many lovely people with the same passion and I love it to inspire others. I love cycling, I love the lifestyle, it became a part of me and I will get stronger day after day !

For all of you , please never stop believing in yourself, never give up, and always remember there will be a day that your dreams come true!


Sandy instagram page

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