Marco Smit (1973), Zaanstad (Netherlands)

Hi All, My name is Marco Smit, and I am a 47 years old cyclist fromThe Netherlands.

As a kid I was a member of the local soccer club in the villagewhere I was born and grown up before I start cycling. Thisvillage was near Gouda between Utrecht, Rotterdam and The Hague.

When I was 17 I bought my first bike, a Giant Swift, inspiredby the beautiful images of the Giro de Italia in the early 90’s. The bike accompanied me during our family holidays in theSouth of France.

When I was 21 I joined the Navy and cycling came a bit to anend. When I moved to Navy city Den Helder when I was 27 I bought a new bike and I started cycling again.

Now, 20 years later I cycle more than 10.000km a year. Mostley on my Trek Emonda. In the winter I will do a mountainbike ride sometimes and a few years ago I discovered beachbiking. We call this in our province “Noord Hollands Gravel”. The biggest Beachrace in the world in Egmond is close to where I live. Every year this race has 4000 participants.

I am looking for a new allround beachbike wich I can use as gravelbike also and, if necessary, wich I can use on a mountainbike track as well.

Well, I hope that I can enjoy the bikelife as long as possible, looking forward tot he grouprides and maybe to meet you too!


Marco instagram page

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