Mattia Maccianti (2006) Empoli (Italy)

Hi, my name is Mattia i am 14 years old and I was born in Empoli in November 2006, I attend the first ITI higher education course, I like nature, travel, the sea, technology and in particular I have an interest in Robotics and coding and I would like my future job, I also have another great passion, the Bike Trial.
I started by following my father who practiced this beautiful sport albeit at a late age and then I also took it more seriously, from November 2015.
After a year of running in 2017 I became Italian champion in my category (Benjamin which includes years 10, 11 and 12).
Unfortunately in 2018 I had physical problems that stopped me for a season, I only participated in one competition, still managing to win it.
In 2019 I reached 3 positions in the Italian championship and 7 in the BIU Europeans.
In 2020, due to Covid19, the competitions were only at national level and in any case they managed to win again the BIU Italian Championship in the Under 16 category.
I hope, in 2021, as well as reconfirming myself as the Italian champion, to do well also at the European and World BIU level and try some races in FCI.
Also as a physical preparation I really like dedicating myself to MTB.
I would like to continue to always enjoy myself in this beautiful sport.


Mattia instagram page


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