Strange 2020

Strange, sad and to forget, many families and businesses around the world have that feeling of what the «year of the pandemic» will forever be. This 2020 we will not forget and from AllBlackCC we want to give our condolences to everyone that lost a loved one, our support for all that are having a hard time because of this damned situation and our thanks to all those who support us unconditionally daily.
Us, despite the bad news already mentioned, this year, we have grown a little more. Doing a good job both, professional and human and with the support of our members we have had very good times as well. The world’s lockdown, if something, brought us together a little more. Virtual outings on the Zwift platform, crowded with members everywhere and at the same time, each in their “Pain Cave”; we have spent a number of hours pedaling together, talking, laughing and, of course, creating an extraordinary bond.

Groups of friends, new members, e-mails, many pictures with our hashtags.. it’s wonderful to have so much support.

The year began a little bit strange as we had to stop the production of our second kit «Velorace». The pandemic forced the company that this year was going to manufacture our clothes to dedicate 80% of its labor to the manufacture of face masks for hospitals and residences where stocks were almost nonexistent. From AllBlackCC we thought that that special work should be prioritized and let them focus on the essentials because we could wait a while for the production of our kit.

Luckily, for summer time we had it here. It was worth the wait, the great work of “GSport”, the design marked by us saw the light with exquisite quality. The numbers were really good for a strange pre-order with so much waiting time. More than 70 kits spread around the world, each box accompanied by a specially signed postcard for each person, personalized, stickers and a lot of love in each shipment. It is an honor to be able to see you cycling on your roads with OUR logo since you are the singing voice in this great rock band.

Another of the objectives set at the beginning of the year was the collaboration with “Bello Cyclist » for the creation of our first cycling cap, “BLACK IN BLACK”, it was crystal clear that it should be the way it was. Working together with Raddie and Kris, the human group of this company and the great professionalism, we can only say thanks from the bottom of our hearts for their great work. (if you don’t already have it, it’s still for sale on Bello’s website)
As coffee lovers, we wanted to create a retro cup, with our magnificent lettering created by @typemistress by @andreaemery_ a great job of this professional that we wanted to capture in both of our kits, cups and stickers.

In terms of statistics, we are close to 40k visits on our website for the second year in a row. A really incredible figure, more than 50k photos with our hashtag #allblackcc, almost 10k with #werideunderthesamesky, lots of new daily followers on our instagram page, but honestly what is most important for us is the way you interact with us and other members of the community, which, after all, is the purpose of our group: to share and connect with other cyclists.

Our third year of life comes to the end, we think, already a little more settled and consolidated, the daily work and the same dreams as those of that January of 2018 when it all began. Now we work on new projects that will see the light in 2021, real objectives and of course with a lot of motivation.

Thanks to each of you, to all the members, the brands that help us, to every person that is reading these words, the people who support us without asking for anything in return, it is really amazing to feel so supported and we with work and dedication will try to give you all that back.

Thank you friends. You’re loved.

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