Gladyz Marinnè Herrera Aguilar (1991) Merida (Mexico)

So i started swimming and then I jumped in triathlon, but I really didn’t liked to run, but I fell in love with the bike, the first time I rode the bike I bought it was like a click, love at first sight, I know I sounds like a cliche haha but it was, so 6 years ago I ride only 20k everyday and took me about 2 hrs, i was really bad, the bike was 2 sizes bigger and didn’t know how to make the changes, i sucked honestly haha, but i ride to scape from my ex husband, he really hated when I went to ride, so the bike became my scape from everything and I just kept going and going, and I learned everyday more and more about cycling and I keep felling in love even more, when I discover the tour and the races and the cycling world it was magical, honestly cycling save my life, cause well I don’t want to get in to details (to keep it short) but my ex was very agresive, so the bike gave, the friends I made, the mental strength, the miles, tha nature, you know all the positive things about cycling, and my son gave my the strength to go away from that, so since that day I can’t live without cycling, I love the body changes, the mental changes and how strong I am know, i became a cycling obsessive haha, i juts love it.


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