Sebastian Illing (1972) Munich ( Germany)

Hi, my name is Sebastian, I live in Munich/Germany and I love cycling.
I grew up in a cycling city – in Cottbus. A large number of Olympic champions, world champions and stage winners of major tours come from the cycling club of this small town. You certainly know some of them; Lutz Heßlich, Lothar Thoms, Hans-Joachim Hartnick, Bernd Drogan, Olaf Jentzsch, Andreas Klöden, Lennard Kämna, Maximilian Levy
Well that probably left its mark on me too.

A few years ago, I got myself a racing bike and yes – I’m also racing again!
For me, the best thing about cycling is, that every day on the bike is different. I discover something new every ride, even when I drive a route umpteen times. I always love to climb new passes and mountains and I enjoy the wonderful views as a reward.
Cycle races should above all be fun and serve as motivation to «enjoy» bad weather conditions when training on the bike.

I am happy to be inspired by ALLBLACK members for new challenges and cycling destinations.

Keep on cycling and keep the nature out of trash


Sebastian instagram page

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