Cindy Mok (1962) Singapore (Malaysia)

Hello all, I am Cindy, 57 and retired, from Singapore, a tiny island with no hills. Weather here is a permanent summer with showers and thunderstorms all year round.
Since I learnt how to ride a bike at 13, it has became a very important part of my life. My love for cycling ranks higher than that for anybody or anything else. Never stopped riding since. Did taper off at times, but never stopped.
To me, cycling is more than a lifestyle. For many years, it has been my only way to battle depression. In fact, cycling kept me sane throughout those very dark and painful times. My psychiatrist even went as far as confidently claiming cycling was the mean by which I got out of depressive disorder. Now, I no longer sink into that dreadful abyss anymore.
However, good things do not seem to last long. Last year, had a heart attack with 3 blocked arteries. I was devastated, not sure if I could continue riding as before. After angioplasty, I started tentatively to get used to exerting myself again. Cardiologist said to take it slow and easy, which I barely did.
Fast forward half a year, I am cycling more and for longer period of time than before the attack. Guess with the 3 cleared arteries, my system is working like new, like when I was much younger.
I do not race or join any group rides anymore. Find them a little too hectic. All I want to do now is to enjoy the beauty of cycling, the scenery, and the wonderful sense of being free. Love the freedom to stop whenever, wherever, to smell the flowers, to admire the cloud formations, or anything that catches my eyes.
Cliche, but I do ride to live, and live to ride. Take that away from me, that’ll be equivalent to taking the life out of me.


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