Caspar Gylling (1987) Copenhagen (Denmark)

Bought my first roadbike when I was 13 years old, because I thought I was Bjarne Riis. Soon after that I realized I wasn’t, but still enjoyed riding my bike. Unfortunately it was stolen when I was 16.
Bought my second roadbike when I was 19 years old and thought I was Nicki Sørensen, but I definitely wasn’t! I Riding my bike was still great though. At 19 years of age and until I turned 23, when my bike was stolen again, I wasn’t that serious about cycling and spent most of my time with my girlfriend and my friends, being young and less responsible.
Bought my third roadbike when I was 28, as I figured that I needed to get a healthy hobby after I had my first child, and because I now thought I was Michael Mørkøv. I was nowhere close to Michael Mørkøv, but still enjoyed riding my bike, and now on a more serious level.

Bought my fourth roadbike when I was 30 years old, because I needed to upgrade my third roadbike. Didn’t think I was Michael Valgren, but still wanted to ride as fast as him. After I bought that bike, life had had it’s ups and downs. I became the father of my second child, decided to change directions in my life and started school again. Finished highschool in two years, started studying at the university before eventually dropping out after two years, because of clinical depression, anxiety and an eating disorder.
Bought a Gravel/cross bike when I was 32 years old, in order to ride my bike in as far away from people as possible because of my diagnoses. Didn’t think I was anybody, but just wanted to find out who I am.

8 months later I am now closer to finding out who I am. What I’ve found out so far is;- I’m a family man who loves his two children and wife.- Family is more important than money.- The best therapy for me is riding my bike, while taking pictures of everything.- Be yourself, not Bjarne Riis, Nicki Sørensen, Michael Mørkøv, Michael Valgren or anyone else!
I am very honored to be part of this community. Thank you!


Caspar instagram page

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