Rui Santos (1980) Coimbra ( Portugal

«Hi everybody. My name is Rui, I´m 39 years old and I was born and live in Coimbra, Portugal.
I’m married and have the dream to be a father…of a little baby cyclist.
I ride bikes since I was a kid and they have been my passion ever since.
I consider myself a sport addict, because I played a lot of sports through out the years, like football, basketball, rugby, volleyball and, off course, bikes.
Bikes have always being my first passion, because they give me a sense of freedom and well being in general.
From the age of 16 through the age of 30, I’ve only ridedt mountain bikes; since then I discovered the passion of road cycling, mainly because of the wind in my face and the feeling I can go anywhere I want (either climbing mountains, riding to the sea or just go through long flat roads).
Nowadays, I mostly ride my road bike, alone, at my own pace, going wherever I want and clearing my head.

It started out as a passion but now it has become a way of life, which I can not live without.
This year I have a 10.000 kilometers goal and for that I’ve been riding three times a week, for several hours.
My motto is: “no matter how fast you go…just go”
It’s a pleasure to become a member of Allblackcc.
Follow me on instagram or Strava (https://www.strava.com/athletes/14137488)



Rui instagram page

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