Natacha Marc (1983) Cuers ( France)

Hi everybody !

My name is Natacha, I live in south of France, so I’m lucky to have more than favorable weather and landscapes for cycling.

How I discovered cycling, my wellness routine:

Three years ago, I didn’t do sports or not quite. I had been to a gym, but I couldn’t be diligent. Certainly, I missed something (nature),but I didn’t know it yet.

Then I had the chance to move to the countryside. One day, I took my old bike to discover the surroundings and from there, all my senses were awake.

It was a magical experience, I returned home, soothed. Then I started again and again!

I liked it more and more so I did more kilometres.

I soon joined a club and one of the club members kindly loaned me one of his racing bikes. Some months later, I bought mine.

Sometimes I go cycling with a group and to progress it is a great experience!

Sometimes, alone.


Today, cycling is my favorite sport, I can’t do without it.

But, I don’t forget why I like this sport:

Mostly to be connected with nature, that is where I draw strength from.

Cycling outdoors always reserves nice surprises: various landscapes, sunrises or sunsets, improbable meetings with foxes, deer, wild boars…

Now my dream is to take a bike trip across Europe to continue to amaze me.


I am very pleased to be part of our Cyclist Community which brings together enthusiasts from different countries!


Thanks and see you soon on Instagram!


Natacha instagram page


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