Pete Humphreys (1977) Oxfordshire (UK)

Hi everyone I’m Pete

…I’ve been cycling like forever as most of us have and up until 3 years ago regularly raced both road and mtb up and down and around the UK and obligatory training camps in the winter months as you do (wife: it’s a holiday!? Me: no it’s hard training…) most of my rides…like 99% of them are on my lonesome due to shifts, work, life etc and Iam happy with that. Time to decompress and unwind. That bit of me time.

Mid 2016 I found out I had a genetic heart condition called longQT Syndrome through trying to find a diagnosis for my disabled son and was advised to stop any hard excercise and in particular racing.

Most of my latter years racing I made sure I enjoyed it…as one day would be looking back wishing I could still do it. I didn’t realise this would happen so soon, so suddenly and behond my control. I miss that buzz you get from racing and training to those demands. Though I do sneak in some harder efforts now and again.

Now just getting out on the bike for some stress free miles both on and off road are the things that brings me joy and should time, weather, the need for convenience or more structure be a factor you’ll find me on zwift sweating away on the turbo in my pain cave, on my rollers or out on the very odd run.

Life is a lot like cycling. To stay balanced you must keep moving…..


Pete instagram page

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