Jitse Maes (1991) Liezele (Belgium).

I bought my first real road bike when I injured myself in training for a half marathon. I hardly ever went running again ever since.
Cycling has become a major part of my life, last two years. It’s what keeps me healthy, it’s what keeps me moving and going forward. While working as a doctor, cycling is what’s keeping me sane.
I’ll never be a pro racer, and I don’t aspire to be one. Cycling isn’t about dropping the pack, taking that KOM, being as aero as possible, spending cash on marginal gains.
To me, cycling is adventure. Taking of at your doorstep, not knowing what will come your way. Cycling is friendship. Giving your last gel to a friend who is clearly hitting the wall.
Cycling is not giving up, when you’re half way, you can’t just quit, you have to ride back.
Cycling is therapy. You always have to look forward. If you’re looking back on a bike, you might hit a car.
Cycling is meditation. Riding solo means you only have your thoughts as your companion to guide you along the way.
Cycling is about exploration. Showing respect for your environment, leaving no trace behind, always looking for a new road, an unexplored part of the map.
Cycling is about always moving forward. Have you ever tried cycling backwards? Don’t!
Cycling is the answer, no matter what the question is. Trust me, I’m a doctor
We all ride under the same sky.


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