Favata Giovanni (1985) Sciacca, Sicily ( Italy)

Hi my name is Giovanni .. but everyone calls me Gionni, I’m 34 years old, I’m Sicilian but emigrated to Tuscany for work , I’m a fan of vintage bikes.
In my life I have always run like Forest Gump, aimlessly and without reason, just because it made me feel good.
Running is freedom for me, but in 2014 when I arrived in Tuscany I got injured in the meniscus and I had to leave the race hanging the shoes on the nail, I felt lost. But since in Italy it is said «who stops is lost!», Some friends said to me «why don’t you ride a bike? it’s good for your knee and you can go back to sports!

» So I bought my first bike, I felt like when I was a kid. Today I have a scalpel-si that takes you everywhere, white roads, singletrack, I enjoy discovering always new paths, after so much sacrifice nature repays you with its wonderful panoramas and small hidden paradises.
Unfortunately, doing shift work, I always go out alone, but nature keeps me company with its sounds: the wind in the leaves, the birds that sing, and I never feel alone!


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