Johan Alfredsoon (1991) Gothenburg ( Sweden )

Dennis Klaar ( 1991) Stockholm (Sweden)

The BikePack started in a love and passion for cycling, adventure, travels, photography, marketing, slammed all together in a great fun project! Created to once again give a purpose for us in the effort off creating content and hunting miles on the road, as a carrot to go the extra mile!Our vision and mission is to inspire our immediate surroundings, friends and followers all over the world to take that bike ride! Jump in the ironsteed and pedal it out! Join a group ride in your town or just commute more! We are pro- everything bicycle and our core-belief is that it doesn’t matter how fare, steep or fast you go as long as you ride a bike! What are you waiting for, hit the road! Keep the pedals going! We have done several collaborations with established Swedish and International cycle, photography and lifestyle brands and love working together to promote this green and great way of transportation, exercis and fun! We are a «non-profit and all miles you can eat» organisation working with education, stoke and fun for a better and greener and «cycler» future! We believe in genuine and creative content and that is why all pictures we post are either our own our «featured followers» generated pictures. This is one of your biggest strengths and we pride ourselves in the ability to post great content every day all year around! Cheers.


Thebikepack instagram page

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