In complicated times like the ones we are living in, in times of thanking all those moments that we normally do not value, this damn virus that is causing panic, sick and deaths, too many, we must stay together in the face of this adversity that life has put before our heads, fight, be close to the people that matter to us and keep us safe.

At home please.

From AllBlackCC, an extraordinary group of people, continue to support our community, each time we are more, more unity and more commitment.

Riding together under the sky of Watopia from the Zwift platform, we make meet up with the possibility of spending time together, group chats where we have a good time and lots of laughs, other members who do not use this platform send us their photos, their best wishes and the large amount of quality content that you all offer.

From the community we can only say thank you, we can only be every day more proud of the work done and eager to continue progressing together.

Other initiatives such as Jeroen’s ( @webhaaz ) have been filming a video with different members, saying a few words in addition to our slogan «WE RIDE UNDER THE SAME SKY» each in their language, of course we are represented in many more countries, many more people who do not appear in the video, but it is a short demonstrative video and we are very very grateful for their enormous work.


The Covid-19 also leaves us with bad news for the community, due to this virus, many textile companies are dedicated to making protective masks, the ones that are sorely needed these days, so as is normal, the manufacture of our new «VELORACE» kit will be postponed until the situation returns to normal. The preorder is ready, all those who asked for one will have it, all sizes are listed, all your names, luckily a large number of people are interested, but as usual, money will not be requested until the process is started manufacturing.

You will have a message the day the process begins.
I hope you understand and apologize.

The caps with BELLO CYCLIST are not us who carry the sales, they are made from their own website and are made by the fantastic people of BELLO, also due to this situation they cannot make shipments, so YES can be purchased but it will have a wait 2-4 weeks.
We apologize for the inconvenience for these unforeseen events again.

From here a big hug to all the people who read these lines, you are the ones who make the community great.
Thank you very much and I encourage you.

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