Paolo Pessina (1983) Torino (Italy)

Why cycling? Definitely, because I’m a dreamer. And, when I ride my bike, I start transforming my dreams into reality.

A dream that starts form childhood: because a bike is the most precious gift a child can receive.

A dream that continues in the 90s: because in that period cyclists like Pantani and Cipollini were real icons in the Italian society. I still remember when Pantani won the 1998 Tour De France: I was at the sea, the owner of the beach had a small TV, and everyone was around watching the Galibier stage! 

A dream that survived when I started riding in the hills around Torino, despite my friends were strong, while I was fat. I really suffered, but I was able to arrive at the end of the climb!

A dream that became more concrete after I got my first road bike: my Gradma’s last present before her death. So, for the first time in 2010, I was able to organize with my friends to go riding the morning before the race and watching the Milan-Sanremo Classicissima on the road: another childhood dream that became reality. After that, going to Liguria for Milan-Sanremo became an annual tradition, but we also started riding together all year long. 

With my friends, I lived the day that changed my cycling life. 2013, 18 May. The Giro d’Italia stage arrived in Bardonecchia, so we rode in the morning before the race. A terrible day, clouds, mild snow, 1°C. The finish line was at the end of the terrible Jafferau climb. I was in a bad physical condition, only a fool could think to ride that day. But, when I saw the panel indicating the final 3 Kms, in my heart I knew I wanted to concludethat climb. It was terrible, but I did it: heart and passion defeated rationality! 

After that, I also started riding Granfondos. The first one was Laigueglia in 2014: what a great emotion in the last Kms! Me, the fat teenager humiliated for my overweight, I was riding in a cycling competition! So, weekend after weekend, cycling became the emotion to get better results just with my passion and my sacrifice.

Like in May 2015. It was Sunday, it was my first turn as medical guard alone in my career, as Medical Doctor Specialist in Respiratory Medicine. A friend wrote me too watch on Yahoo Eurosport website. My journalist friend Fabio wrote his article about the Giro d’Italia stage I watched the day before on the road: he wroteabout the challenge between Contador and Aru, and he ended his article dedicating it to me, since I was able to conquer the Colle delle Finestre on my bike! 

A dream that suddenly seemed to be lost forever. In 2016 I suffered the right Achilles tendon rupture. I was performed surgery, and after I started my rehab. I did all my physiotherapist ordered me, but deep in my hearth I knew I would have never been the same I was before. 

But, 2017 arrived: the year of my cycling rebirth. The tears of happiness I cried in the last Km of Bra-Bra Granfondo. The finish line of Fausto Coppi Granfondo, when I showed my tendon in the same way Johan Museeuw showed his knee in Roubaix: I was back, and I was stronger than I was before my accident.

Due to work and other passions (like friends, theatre and music), I usually ride my bike only at weekends. Despite this, cycling is the heart and maybe the happiest moment in all my weeks. So, I’m happy and lucky for having found people to share this passion and having fun together. And this is why I’m very happy to be part of allblackcc: because also social media can be a nice way to share what we love. So, if you want to join me, just following my Instagram, or if you are close to Torino for a ride together in our Alps or in our hills, you’re welcome!


Paolo instagram page

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