Rik Rutgers (1966) Almere (The Netherlands)

Hello, my name is Rik.
Born to a father and mother who topped the results list at the European and National championship, I naturally grew up with sports.
For hours I could look through my parents’ albums in which I loved the pictures and reports.
I didn’t have to play sports, but when I did the motto was ‘when you participate, give it everything you have’.

As a child I competed in multiple sports.
At one point my grandfather gave me a racing bike on which I discovered the entire region.

I was excited to start racing but my father only allowed me to compete when I turned 16 years old. When that moment finally came, cycling became my sport.

I started with small local races and as time passed I started getting better. Eventually I raced national and international races where I even managed to win every now and then.

I had a great time but when I turned 30 I was satisfied and deciding to stop racing.

After not having done any sport for a few years I started running and doing fitness. I had to be wary not to start training as a professional athlete. After all, it was a hobby.

Through the years the bike started pulling me back into the world of cycling and since a few years I’m back on the saddle. I have the tendency to become very fanatic and I need to watch out that I not start training to hard, otherwise I see myself even start racing with the masters.

Early 2019 I have started using photography to explore and share my adventures on the bike.

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🚴🏽‍♂️Cycling around on the sea bed, 5 meters below
🥴I feel better than I look–don’t worry, it’s OK


Rik instagram page

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