Bye bye 2019

December 2019 . The year is close to end , so does the decade and the second year of our beloved AllblackCC.

This 2019 has overcame the global community expectations about it’s world repercussions.

We daily have new membership requests, new interested companies who want to produce our products and so other likely ways of sponsor . In all these cases AllblackCC has always acted as a prudent and even as passive individual in order not overwhelm our members with item after item .

In any case , all the merchandising we did ever launched has always been quite a success . Our baseball cap , “We Ride..” shirts , and the absolute triumph the Gobik’s kit has had . More than 75 kits all over the world with our logo and our unity .

The legal formation and creation of the registered trademark. Our Instagram page every day with more acceptation and more recognition, our hashtag with more than 25k of pics , and the web , with nearly 40k visits from 85 different countries

These great things are thanks to you all , every single one of you , who is a member of this great community , every person , that reads us weekly , everyone that follows us , those who criticizes us, the companies that manufacture us, the translator, all those who make AllBlackCC sums more and more everyday .

So , for the next year and the new decade that is almost to start , I can firmly say that new members , projects and innovations are in their way , because this is something we are already up to . I just wish with all my heart that everyone of you will be here , willing to share all these things and to willing to grow together, because all this movement without you all would be a nonsense.

Thank you my friends .

Merry Xmas!


2 comentarios en “Bye bye 2019

  1. Que maravilloso resultado Pako!! AllBlackCC es una familia mundial extraordinaria! Excelente trabajo, te felicito!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  2. Fantástica comunidad, fantástico grupo humano con miembros por todo el mundo. Una filosofía maravillosa basada en unir personas de todas partes, condiciones, creencias etc a través de este deporte alucinante que es el ciclismo… Un abrazo!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

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