Tamara Kroll (1971) Bielefeld (Germany)

I like the @allblackcc slogan #werideunderthesamesky and the fact that @pakoreq wants to unite “no make up cyclists” and share their passion.

Having come to cycling late and without much more advice than “get on the bike and get faster” it took me a while to understand this cyclingmania. And then, after maybe three years, it clicked. I got ambitious, I got better, I got faster, I even won some competitions and I discovered a whole new meaning to life as a cyclist.  But I could have got there a lot faster and with a lot less pain if I had been given a bit more women specific advice.  Now is my time to give back and with @femme_et_cycliste and my husband as a partner, we support all sorts of actions, ideas and women who commit themselves to getting more women on bikes. 

Living in France , the male domination in this sport is not just a bad reputation. It’s reality and we will realistically not be able to change that.  Cycling women will always be outnumbered, but I do believe we can get more women on bikes with good advice, good equipment and opportunities to ride in groups. That’s what I do. For free by the way. 

This sport put my husband into a wheelchair and therefore dramatically changed our life, but this sport gives me so much pleasure and the right balance to our complex life. It has also given me so many friends, those who don’t care what I do for a living, who don’t care about the price of my house or what kind of car I drive. And this is such a comfort. And I feel that #allblackcc is about that too.  So feel free to follow us on social media or in real life !


Tamara instagram page

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