Alfons Sánchez (1971) Barcelona-Spain.

Graduate in photography, fashion and advertising.

The first memories I have from my childhood are already mounted on a small tricycle. When I turned five my grandfather gifted my first bike and since then I have not stopped riding all kinds of bikes … road, mountain, gravel, fixie … It is my main passion and in fact I do not understand my vacation without it. I have traveled several «Camino de Santiago» with saddlebags (French, Portuguese, the Ebro, Catalan, Aragonese …) where it is easy to find a place to sleep and eat, I have also traveled throughout deserts and glaciers all by myself and sleeping in incredible places under millions of stars, where for days I didn’t saw anyone. It is an enormous spiritual exercise, I highly recommend it.

Sometimes, when I travel to other countries to get to magical and breathtaking places with my bike after such a big effort, I am surprised to see tourists arriving, taking a few pictures and immediately leaving. Maybe they have seen many wonders all around the globe and they don’t even keep quiet for a second to admire this beauty that could make them forget that the breakfast at the hotel was cold or that tomorrow they have to get to another destination. Too much noise… However, I am overwhelmed by beautiful places, I literally suffer a collapse and I have no space in my mind to store so much beauty. I need time to digest it, to empty myself and enjoy new wonders again. That sponge that Kapuscinski said is the traveler.
Now a new project begins, which is going bike packing around all of the European countries. It’s quite possible that we’ll see each other on the road!
My slogan?
Life is better on two wheels


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