Hiroki Kondo (1973) Tokyo (Japan)

Hello everyone. My name is Hiroki and I live in Tokyo, Japan.

My bicycle’s first memory goes back to the age of six. I turn the pedal. That feel that the wind hits the face, the sound of the chain rotating, the flowing scenery. I quickly became a captive of this vehicle.

After that, I got on many bicycles and bought my first road bike at the age of 22.

When I was 30, I started riding MTB and participated in many amateur races. This deepened my understanding and love of bicycles. Well, I’ve been injured a lot.

From 5 to 6 years ago, I started riding road bikes again. The biggest change is that I have a single-lens reflex camera on my back.

It’s a world far from racing. It’s like a small trip.

It may be quieter cycling than the race. However, it is a bigger challenge than before in terms of dealing with changing nature, physical evolution, and leaving a work I’m satisfied with the camera.

The most fascinated by bicycles in my life is now.

I am very proud to be part of your community. I am looking at the same sky as you.


Hiroki Instagram page

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