Ana Kummer (1982) Bern (Switzerland)

Hello – my name is Ana, I am 37 years old, wife, mother and passionate cyclist. 

Cycling gives me so much freedom. I love being out in nature. To discover new streets and places that I would never see by car. Whether alone or in a group, I just love to ride. When I ride alone, I enjoy silence and peace. When I ride I simply leave long work and family days behind me. It feels so great to come home after a drive. Then I am relaxed and at peace with the world and myself. In the group I enjoy laughing, talking, having fun, hunting the boys and driving faster than the wind. 

For me it’s not about the distances I ride. The most important thing for me is to ride as much as possible. Since I stopped my training schedule, I feel much happier and more comfortable riding. I am free to ride whenever and wherever I want. That’s great. And guess what, not having a training plan doesn’t mean not having plans. I also had to learn this insight first. Since then I have had a thousand cycling ideas. 

I want to explore my homeland with the road bike. Switzerland is such a great area. I would be stupid not to do this adventure. Next summer I would like to go by bike to our family summer holidays in France and maybe I would like to try a long distance ride with some funny girls. Just like that, packing bags, with tent and everything inside and off you go.  We will see. 

And, I think this is my biggest dream for years, I want to race Fixed Gear. Just for fun and because it has to be a awesome kick to ride without brakes with lot of speed on a circuit.

So hopefully we meet on a ride? 

Love. Ana.  


Ana Instagram page

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