Torben Kolnig (1980) Laholm (Sweden)

My history of playing football, going to the gym, golf etc aswell as no sports at all for a period of time. Never was I to get into endurance….

At age 37 my cousin’s got me to finally participate in their family/neighbourhood triathlon. As I had never sat on a roadbike I asked my neighbour if I could borrow one of his. I assured him that I should only ride four times including the triathlon… he laughed!

Well he was right, I went to the store straight after and told the staff that I wanted a roadbike for 30km rides. They said that the bike I bought would do just fine and if I wanted it would work perfectly for the famous swedish race, Vätternrundan (300km) aswell… I laughed

Well he was right, the year after 2018, I did Vätternrundan with my sister and this year with a couple of friends. It’s safe to say I’m hooked. This spring I bought my second bike and have just started to ride in a local cycling club. I love to get on my bike for a short ride with high intensity aswell as on long solo ride or in a group.

To be able to share and take part of all the wonderful Instagram posts of bikes, rides, clothes makes it a bit better when the legs have told me to shut up, the weather sucks or the time just isn’t there. To be a part of allblack.cc makes it all so much sweeter.


Torben Instagram page

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