Pauline de Kock (born 1972, age30) Zurich (Switzerland)

Hi I’m Pauline de Kock

Living in Switzerland, but born and raised in the Netherlands.

As you probably know, the Dutch are practically born on a bicycle, so I cycled all my life. However, that was on normal city bikes. Usually commuting.

In Switzerland I’ve been doing a lot of hiking, running and winter sports like skiing, telemark and cross country skiing. Until friends recommended me to buy a road bike… Nice for the summer they said…

At first I was quite skeptical about it. Wasn’t road cycling something for frustrated MAMIL’s (middle aged men in Lycra)??  😉

How the hell would I be able to climb those mountains?!

But I loved it right from the start!

Its my third summer of cycling and I just can’t get enough. Roadcycling has literally widened my horizon and brought me many new friends and great health (big pro for an asthmatic).

I love riding hills but also the majestic mountain passes (no flat terrain here unfortunately). I feel blessed to be living here.

Love the serenity of riding alone but also enjoy the fun and co-suffering of riding with friends.

Always in for a food/coffee stop!

On my wishlist are loads more mountain passes and a long distance ride with fun friends.

So @aanaaku, let’s start planning soon 🙂

Thanks for being a member of AllblackCC


Pauline Instagram page

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