Alessandro Martins (1978) Belo Horizonte (Brazil)

Hello, my friends from all over the world! My name is Alessandro, I’m 40 years old and I live in Belo Horizonte (Brazil). I’m married to my lovely wife Roberta, who always pedals when she can!!! Rare appearances, lol …

Ever since I was little I always liked sports, even living in the country where football (soccer) is the main sport, and each one has its own heart football club (mine is Flamengo), I got to know cycling when I went to live in the city of Santos, São Paulo, and there I had the opportunity to meet great cyclists, the ones who made me more in love with both wheels.

At the same time, I had travelled to the United States (Woodlands/TX) for a job training. And there I bought my first bike when (Specialized Allez). On my way back to Brazil I started pedaling along the shore, learning to know better the equipment, and of course: losing the fear of passing through the city with my bike. Later I began to participate in challenges from 80 to 100km, until the day I became Randonneur, participating and suffering in the first 200km brevet – fantastic experience, teachings and thoughts acquired in more than 12 hours pedaling, that in the end, strengthened me enough!!!

Having chosen cycling, being a cyclist enthused by everything that this sport provides me, just like a street runner (could not forget this sport that made me get off the sofa and get a healthy activity), brought me many benefits: health, friends, resilience and strength, tranquility, respect for nature and its components … Anyway, I have become a better and happier person!!!

I would like to thank AllBlack.CC for inviting me to participate in this great worldwide union movement among all cyclists, and to keep this passion alive in the vicinity of a bicycle!!!

Greetings from Brazil .


Alessandro instagram page

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