Massimiliano Cagnin (1976) and Marzia Machetto (1978)
Biella (Piemonte) Italy

Hello everyone, we are Max and Marzia and we are a couple in life and a team in sports, we live with our two kids and one dog in a small town near the mountains in the northwest of Italy, not far from Milan and Turin.I’m Max, from very young I practiced many different sports, I played tennis, soccer, basketball, sailed on a sailing boat, I practiced skiing, kayaking, swimming and a lot of hiking…but above all I have always had a great passion for outdoors.I’m Marzia, as a child I approached different sports but only superficially and without understanding its deep value. Thanks to my husband I started to experience outdoor activities, such as hiking, sailing and cycling. Now I can no longer live a day without practicing or at least thinking about cycling!For about 7 years cycling has become our main sport, but also the way to live our life!
Conditions and guides our days, our friendships, our holidays, our diet and our lifestyle. We are very happy to have passed on the cycling passion to our children Federico (9 years old) and Edoardo (6 years old), who are practicing road cycling, mountain biking and bmx too! We are no longer just a cycling couple but we are becoming a cycling family.We are really excited te be a part of the All Black Cycling Club community and look forward to friendship with open minded people and inspiration for our adventures on two wheels.You can find us on Instagram by clicking


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