Begoña Espina , Ferrol ( Spain)

My life has always been linked to exercise. I have worked in gyms, schools, associations and I am currently a teacher in a dance school. Oddly enough, the dedication to teaching has made me stop exercising for me, tired of having left me aside at the end of 2015 the bike appears in my life. It had been about 15 years that I was not in one but as the saying goes «you never forget». Thanks to my husband who already practiced this sport little by little he introduced me to this world, I started with the walk of my city, then some track, path … and now there is no mountain that can resist me. I also practice road cycling but in a more secondary way.

I am a very passionate, stubborn person and when I do something, I give my best. I found a group of girls cyclists in my city «As Cabritiñas» and they got me hooked definitely to this sport. For me, cycling has always been an escape route for a working woman and mother of the day. I found in them girls like me, others with different lives but at the end of the day we had a connection, something that united us and this has gotten that today take the group along with another partner.

At the end of 2018, a project of the Spanish Cycling Federation «Women in bike» appeared in my life. What can I say about a project that was born by and for women and that its purpose is to promote women’s cycling? Well I did not hesitate a moment and I started to be part of this great family, I could not refuse the opportunity to make my Ferrol known because in this little corner where I live there is cycling and especially female. With my «As Cabritiñas» girls we are getting more and more visible. They encourage me a lot and support me in everything I propose. I can not ask for more.

So, if you want, you can !!! To give pedals !!


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