Luisa Eslava (1978) Bogotá ( Colombia)

Hello, my name is Luisa Eslava, I’m from Bogota, Colombia. I have a beautiful daughter and I am an interior designer.

I started with the passion for the bicycle in 2016 thanks to a friend and my experience with the Mtb was incredible, once I had the safety of going down and up the trails I did not stop, I visited wonderful places I did not know I did not know they were so Near my house, every weekend there was a different way out and in it adventure, friends to meet and lots of fun. In May of 2018 I decided on the road bike, a wonderful gift, with it I have traveled longer routes and come to cities and towns that only occurred to me by car, I love the speed that I can get and adrenaline which implies, this experience has been an accumulation of good memories, more friends and more happiness.

When they ask me which bike I prefer, I always say. «Each one has its charm» and it’s true.

I always compare the bicycle with life, I think it looks like many things, one of my phrases is «on the bike as in life curiosity is the one that takes you away» and every time I go out and walk a route I learn something, the bicycle has been responsible for filling me with security, courage, appreciation of the simple things, knowledge of my body, has taken me to limits that I did not believe arrived and gave me freedom. Out with my bike I disconnect, I am another, faster, more determined, stronger and extremely grateful.

At what time would you compare the bicycle with your life?

I always wish you a very good shot.


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