Paul Astorga (1992) Cartago (Costa Rica)

Hi everyone, my name is Paul Astorga, I’m from Costa Rica and I have 26 years old. I am not a professional cyclist but this is one of my favorites sports that I’ve been practicing.

The cycling has changed my life, almost two years ago I used to have a poor condition and a really bad lifestyle, when I bought my first bike everything changed, my condition started to change and I felt more energetic. 
Things that I love from this sports are the most amazing adventures that you can get involve also the landscapes that you can see when you are on your bike and the friendly cyclists that you can meet over your path. 
I love competitions and recreational rides, this helped me to set different goals over my life, for example to run my first IRONMAN that I hope to achieve next year, and also to travel around the world with my bike, I know that there are amazing places that I would love to meet and ride. 
Now that I have more time I try to train almost four times per week, now I am getting preprare for the new competitions here in Costa Rica on this new year. I’ve been throught a lot of changes and obstacles last year but I know that I can pass them. 
A new year is starting and I am some ansious to see which new adventures are coming. 



Paul instagram page

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