Markus Dorner (1970) Abensberg ( Germany)

My Name is Marco and I’m from Bavaria but I feel at home in Poland and North Italy. I’m a certified bikeguide and biketeacher since 1996. I have a lot of passion for bikes, I love black and white, iced coffee and acting like talking.

When I was a teenager I started as a BMX rider. I worked as a bikeguide in Greece and italy in the early nineties when mountainbike sport started.

I crossed the alps on bike many times and last year I did it as a guide with an e-MTB. What a f…..g amazing experience. My conclusion is “Don’t judge it if you never tried it”.

 Cycling connect people in every age and all over the world. That’s why ALLBLACK is an amazing idea.

I’m sure if you’ll do everything with passion you’ll get satisfied to the max.

I believe that probably I’m a pilgrim on bike. I love to discover the trails, I love the mountains, I love to hear the sound of the spinning wheels. And honestly I like to show people how to climb every peak and to calm down while riding a bike.

My credo is “every hill is worth to climb”.

Ride on!


Markus Instagram page

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