Josephine Noack (1995) Buxtehude ( Germany)

Hi I’m Josephine.

I am the child of two cyclist. My parents are always making jokes that I had no chance not to become a cyclist because my mum still raced before she discovered that she was actually pregnant with me.

But it took a while before I really start to love cycling…

One day in my teenage years I was alone at home because my parents were on a training camp. The weather was good but I had no idea what to do. At that time I didn’t enjoy cycling, especially not in company of my parents or their club mates because I suffered while everybody else still felt good. But that day I had nothing to do, there was no one who could see how slow I was, how bad my technique was or whatever.

I took the Mountainbike from my mum, put on one of her cycling kits, her old helmet and just went out for a ride.

That day I felt in love with cycling. I was alone in the forest, just me and my bike. It could appear frightening but it wasn’t at all. It was such a relief. I felt the sunshine on my skin, a light breeze cooled me down from time to time, the birds were singing and the forest surrounded me in his unique beauty. My mind never felt so relaxed ever before. Here I just could be me.

Even thou the way back home was long, the short uphills were too steep for me to ride and the sun started to set I didn’t suffer. Because it was just me out there. Nothing mattered then enjoying the moment.

With that experience my addiction to cycling started.

The rest of the story is not special at all. A year later I rode my first MTB race. Before the next season I started to train proper and then raced a full road and MTB season. I’ve always worked hard to achieve my goals. Sometimes the plan works, sometimes not (thankfully it works more often than not). But whatever goal I focus on, I always keep the experience of this first day in mind. Cycling connects me to myself and the nature. I don’t set goals or win races to impress other people. It’s just for me, to feel what I am able to, to push my limits, to feel my body, to get back to my real, natural being.

It doesn’t mean that winning a race isn’t important for me. I love to win. Everybody who visits my instagram (josephine.noack) will see that I’m also a triathlete. And yes, I’m a World Champion in Cross-Triathlon in my agegroup. When I look back at that day I became a world champion I don’t think about the title or the victory ceremony. I think about the awesome day I had on the course, how I climbed the steep uphills, how much fun I had on the trails, how I rode with the flow. For me it’s all about the experience.

That’s why I’m proud to join allblackcc. It’s an awesome community that gives us the possibility to spread the spirit of cycling in our individual way and get to know other cycling-addicted.


Josephine instagram page

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