Randy (1987) Brielle (The Netherlands)

Hi my name is Randy and I am from a small town under the smoke of Rotterdam near the coast.

For me the cyclingadventures started 1.5 year ago when we bought my girls friends first bike. I saw all the road bikes standing besides each other mowing my knee is broken and the doctor advised me to go cycling but so I thought cycling wouldn’t be my sport because i thought it’s a bit monotonously.

The technique and looks of the bikes standing there made me rethink it and after 15 minutes we bought 2 bikes and started cycling the day after.

I am cycling now for 16 months and in my first year I did 3000 km. For me personal a big achievement because I didn’t do much about sports the last 4 years because I was setting up my own business. One of the objectives at buying the bike was to climb Ventoux and so we did last summer. Both under 2 hours!

In daily life I am a indepent sales agent in the air filtration industry. I advise and sell air filter for the mostly maintenance market for hospitals Big office buildings, hotels etc.

2019 is also for me a new cycling year. The goals for this year are the amstel gold race 150 km in April and to climb the passo dello Stelvio and Gavia in May.

In September I drive with colleagues the Ventoux again for charity and I aim for doing it twice.

Still going strong and love to step on my bike each time again. If your are in the Europoort area (Rotterdam) let me know so I can show you around the area by bike off course.


Randy instagram page

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