Francisco Cantos Marquez (1981) Cordoba ( Spain)

Hello, my mame is Francisco Cantos, I’m 37 years old and I’m from Montilla (Córdoba), a village in the center of Andalusia, the south of Spain.

I spend my free time in my two passions, family and sports in nature.I consider myself an adventurer person in love with the mountain and the environment.

I’m a person that need challenges to live, I have made different challenges in my life such as, the climb of the highest mountains of each province of Andalusia doing  trekking, as well as traveling to the different geographical features, that make up the pentagon of the Iberian peninsula (Cape of Gata, Cape of Finisterre, Cape of Saõ Vicente, Cape of Creus and Punta of Tarifa) or traveling to the most important European vulcanoes. Actually I’m inmersed  in the most important challenge of my life, I’m raising my children.

I had my first bike when I was 5 or 6 years old, since then It was my way of transport until I turn 17 years old, that I change It for a motorcicle, then I did a break until 2007 that I bought a MTB specialized hard rock of second hand, It was my first bike with neumatic fork then I started to ride again doing routes nearly home, discovering ways and paths, soon I fell in love of this sport.

Three years after I changed the bike for a Connor WRC team, I started to take me MTB more seriously, riding two or three times in a week and doing routes for all Andalusia.

In 2016, I bought my first road bicycle, discovering a new way of understand the two wheels world, alternating workouts on the road and on the mountain.

I did trekking and mountaineering previously but in bike you can Travel more kilometers in the same time.I don’t like the competition, really that I like is discover new ways and new routes, I think that the important thing is to arrive, the time is the less important.This is really the reason why I like the bike world.

I have a challenge to the future, I’ll want to do the French way in the «camino de Santiago» maybe with you. Would you sign up?.

I hope that We’ll find in the paths or in the road doing many miles together.

See you giving pedals.


Francis instagram page

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