Esther Lavrijsrn (1977) Geldrop ( The Netherlands)

My name is Esther.

42 years old, but feeling like 28, and definitely fitter than I was at that age. 

I live in a small village near Eindhoven in the Netherlands. 

As a real Dutch girl I cycled for hole my life. My real love for cycling just came a few years ago. After a pretty hard obstacle run I had so much muscle pain that ik took my mountainbike for a recovery ride.

Suddenly I knew it. I have to buy a race bike. So I did. But I couldn’t say good bye to running. So one year later a did a triatlon (just the Olympic distance). I really enjoyed it and even became 3rd.

Last year was a special year.

As a anesthesia nurse I see a lot of patients with cancer. We do our best to heal them, but that’s not always possible. There is a lot of research to do.

To raise money for the Dutch cancer association I climbed the alpe d’huez in France with a team of colleagues, para medics and surgeons. It was so emotional and beautiful to do this as a team. 

I reached the top 5 times in really bad weather. My fight that day was tough but the fight that our patients have is so much tougher. 

That day I never will forget.

After that day I didn’t had a goal to train for anymore. That’s weird after such an intense training year.

At new year I decided to go for 2 triathlon ‘s this year. So a lot of nice training hours ahead of me.

It’s nice to be a part of this community. I love the mindset of all those sporters and it’s so good that we can inspire each other with our sport stories and pictures!

We don’t speak each other’s language, but we share the love for cycling and sports. 

Ride on my friends! 


Esther instagram page

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