Wioletta Rodzicz, Gorzów Wielkopolski (Poland), Best (Netherlands) 

Hello everyone! My name is Wioletta Rodzicz (violca_cycling). I am a journalist, PR specialist, and the owner of an online eShop. Currently single. 
I have been moving most of my whole life, living in a multitude of places, mostly having rather diffused priorities. I believe this has now changed, as I have given a bigger focus to myself. I know prioritize my happiness, well-being, living with passion, maintaining enthusiasm, crossing boundaries and working on self-discipline. In addition to that – being with people, who share my enthusiasm and energy.
I cannot say I have been a cycling-lover ever since I was young. I have engaged with many different sport disciplines, but nothing ever thoroughly convinced me – I always believed yoga would remain my favourite. However, this was never really enough for me. Funnily enough, my biking journey has probably started the day, when my yoga classes where cancelled. A friend convinced me to try out spinning instead and this was where I first learned how fun “dancing” on the bike could be – it showed me what real physical strain is and how much I needed it. 
One day my spinning instructor suggested I join the outdoors training – uncertain how this would work or how exactly I should prepare, I made my way to the workout on my dutch city bike. Having completed my first 40 km outside I was completely exhausted, yet overjoyed. This was how my MTB adventure began. A year later I would start taking part in tournaments regularly, and another year further I began with road cycling, as I understood how much I adore speed. Currently I continue practicing on the MTB and the road bike, as both provide me with lots of joy and a sense of freedom
I am not a professional – definitely more of an amateur enthusiast. I am part of the MTB4FUN team, through which I motivate other team-members as well as locals interested in biking to go on rider together. I organize trainings and longer trips, always being open to new initiatives that get people active and interested in cycling.
I cannot imagine a style of life different than my “violca style”, in which cycling is a dominant feature. There is no trouble for me to spend ¾ of the day on the bike, because I know it is never lost time. I could not have imagined that this activity would grow onto me so much. My bike is my best teacher – it teaches me to humility, my limits, the value of endurance and of keeping to fight on. Further – speed, emotion and a constant challenge as well as closeness with nature and meeting people I love is all combined in this wonderful practice.
I am extremely excited to be a part of the AllBlack Cycling Club community. I appreciate and support the underlying idea and I hope I can get to know, meet and ride with you guys 
Feel free to reach out! 


Wioletta instagram page

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