Wojtek Sebzda (1983) Gliwice (Poland)

Hello, I’m Wojtek. I come from Gliwice (Poland, Silesia). I was born in the distant time of 1983, specifically on the 5th of October. 


As a Child I was diagnosed with Asthma so I was told I can’t do any sports… good for me, I didn’t listen. Since I remember I always loved sports and science. While being a kid I used to ride mountain bike and road bike and swim a lot. With time I grow out of my bike and my main sport became Volleyball and Martial Arts (especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu). As I didn’t like doing the same things over and over I tried many other sports like, basketball, football, Crossfit, snowboard etc. 


Because of my other interest – science, I always got into details and analyzed all the stuff. Finally I ended up working at the University (but not in sports science) and doing a PhD in Material Science. In 2017 I came back to cycling after almost 16years, started riding with my lovely Wife Monica. Since then we try to spend our free time on the wheels. After suffering a knee injury in the beginning of 2018 (Volleyball game, sprained knee, torn ACL and meniscus), cycling helped me get back from a very hard time… Riding my bike proved to be the best way to get my knee to a state that I can do all day-to-day tasks without undergoing surgery. Since then cycling has become part of my life (can’t do any other sports, maybe apart from swimming) so I try to take the most out of it. 


Me and Monica are actively participating in the polish fanclub of BORA-hansgrohe Team and also try to organize some cycling events in our neighborhood. As a coffee addict I ended up as an ambassador of the polish brand “Kawa dla Kolarzy” (Best Coffee for Cyclists – so if you’re into coffee we definitely have something more to talk about) and work together with many more organizations that promote cycling. My other passion is Photography so I try to take a look at the sport also from the other side.


Right now I’m trying the more competitive part of cycling and starting with Amateur Races. But the most important thing is to promote the sport that helps me get fit (physically and mentally) and has become part of my life. 


Big thanks for letting me become part of the Club, hope we will meet someday on the roads… somewhere under the sky!



Wojtek instagram page

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