Cédric Le Sec’h (1976) Versailles (France)

Hi everyone ! 

I am Cédric, an outdoor addict and mountain lover, and an Age Group triathlete since 2014.I’m from Versailles (near Paris), the city of  the ‘’Sun King’’ Louis XIV, and also the city of…French revolution.

As far I remember, I have always practiced sports. It started with soccer when I was 6, because my dad was the coach. Not easy, but it taught me to always give the very best of myself to succeed. ‘’Never give up’’ is by the way one of my favorite motto.

After 8 years playing soccer, I tried different sports such as wall climbing, badminton, crossfit, and then running. After a bad double Achille’s tendinitis (both feet) that forced me to stop running in 2013, I decided to learn to swim, and…to bike, just to stay in shape at that moment.

Quickly, I started to become a slightly good swimmer, but I soon realized I was an average cyclist.  Anyway, when running begun possible again, the best cocktail to drink was to become a triathlete !

I can say I really found my passion with triathlon. It is for me the perfect balance to avoid the routine by switching one discipline from another, and most of all, to let my body recover. 

Cycling was (and is still) my weakness in triathlon, but as usual I didn’t give up, I trained hard, and unbelievable but I became a double Ironman finisher in 2016 (Nice) & 2017 (Zurich)…wtf !!

Last year, I rode a lot to still improve my strenght and efficiency on a bike, and decided to attempt one of the most difficult Ironman in the world, the Alpsman Xtrem Triathlon (3,8km swim in lake, 185km bike with 4300m elevation gain, and 42km run). Unfortunately, it’s been a DNF on the marathon due to dehydration, but the bike course remains one of my best sport memories. One day, I’ll come back again…

But performance or competition are not necessary what I’m looking for : what I love when I ride my bike ? That indescribable feeling of freedom, to discover places with a different point of view, and the fact that you can completely turn off and push away the stress of everyday life.

The perfect ride ? All rides are perfect, alone or with mates, but one of my favorite is to start at surinse, 7 a.m., and go for a mountain pass in the French Alps. When you’re alone on the road, with the sun rising on the summits, the typical alpine smells, just the sounds of groundhogs and of my breathe struggling at 2500m altitude…priceless.


In extra, talking about the mottos, here some of my best 😉

‘’Anything is possible’’, ‘’You’re stronger than you think’’, ‘’Always remember where do you come from, to know where you go’’, ‘’Don’t look back, that’s not where you’re going’’, ‘’There’s always light at the end of the tunnel’’, ‘’Life may be a climb, but the view is great’’

 Ride or die, but ride safe !


Cedric instagram page

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