Emerson Dinon (1974) CWB (Brasil)

Hi, my name is Emerson. I’ve been a dentist for over 20 years. I’m married to my beautiful wife and we have two princesses – Sofia and Victoria. Ohh, and we love our Persian cats…

We live in Southern Brazil. Thanks to our Italian/German/Japanese colonization, there are beautiful roads surrounding our area… perfect places for cycling.

Sports have been a part of my life since I was a kid. I love traveling all over the world and usually ride a lot wherever I go. Like many others, I started my cycling life on a Mountain Bike and it was good. However when I first had my own Road Bike it was love at first sight. I was in New Zealand, back then and from that day on, I’m completely in love with the road cycling life style.

I usually ride 4-5 days per week and love bike races, hard workouts are part of my routine but riding with friends, stopping for a juice/coffee and getting back home is something amazing. Good friends, good talking and sharing cycling memories feels like a therapy. 

Yes, I thus prefer to simply consider myself a contemporary citizen of the world who has the privilege and pleasure of observing the events that take place around me. 

All the best, 
Ride safe


Emerson instagram page

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