Petra Švecová (1984) Prague (Czech Republic)

I´ve been always doing many sports – from rowing, fencing, running and many others but have never found a real passion in any of them. Like 3 years ago I´ve found the world of triathlon due to my new job and I was literally impresed, looking at traithletes with a deep respect at one side and on the other thinking about them as about absolutely crazy people and self-torturing maniacs 😀

But somehow it fascinated me more and more but for a long time, I haven´t had a courage to even say it aloud that I would like to try it too. It seemed to me as too shameless ambition, until my friend (one of the best Czech triatheltes) lent me a great book „Finding Ultra“ by Rich Roll that showed me that I can do it – if I really want to and I really wanted to..

So exactly two years ago I started with the triathlon trainig. And it was really hard for me at the beggining but unbeliavebly amusing. I had to learn how to swim a crawl and how to ride a road bike I´ve never been sitting on before.. Seven month later I went my first triathlon race where I gained fantastic fourth place at an international race, which was a great shock for me, but what was more important a great motivation.

Now I consider myself as an amateur triathlete with a great passion for a road cycling, that I´ve found out thanks to this amazing sport. Unfortunately, few months ago I was diagnosed with a sick sinus syndrome, a heart rhythm disorder that keeps me in the certain training limits but I am happy that I am still able to do what I love the most because for me, triathlon isn´t just a sport, it´s my life style, my passion, my way of meditation, my love..


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