Frank Pfisterer (1979) Lindau (Germany)

Hi there,

I’m Frank, living in the south-east of Germany, about 600 m from the shores of Lake Constance. Austria and Switzerland are just a few pedal strokes away, so cycling possibilities are endless around here.

Thinking about it, I did sports ever since my father put me to the wrestlers at the age of 6. A year later in 1985, my parents opened up a gym. At that time, gyms were regarded as a curiosity at best – at least here in Germany. My parents worked there from 9 am to 9:30 pm, which basically meant that my sister and me grew up between workout equipment and aerobic beats – it was fun, of course!

Much later, in my early twenties as a student of philosophy and anthropology I acquired my first MTB. Imagine me as a smart ass in his 2nd semester, more interested in books, bars and abstract discussions. I was a sports renegade for a couple of months now (last action was on a tennis court, I think), not much interested in any kind of physical endeavors – except for riding my bike to and fro university … and bars.

Luckily, I got hooked eventually: living in Freiburg means being surrounded by the beautiful Black Forest, steep climbs and lonely trails. It took only a couple of months before I signed up for my first MTB race.

When I moved to Lake Constance a few years later I switched trails for open roads. I never regretted it: roads are small, traffic is insignificant, mountains are just around the corner, and in summer I can cool down in the lake.

I cycle up to 14.000 km and 200.000 m of elevation a year which corresponds to about 550 hours. Add some more time for running and swimming and I’m in a 600 hours plus range. Some of this time is spent alone, some with friends. Not a single minute is wasted: to be in motion is my natural state.


Frank instagram page

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