Żaneta Kanik(1988) Katowice ( Poland)

My daily mantra ? «Life is a fast ride”

I’m Żaneta Kanik and I come from Poland. I love black coffee,  my books, my  real estate world and my second world «bikes and me” .

Since I remember, I used to ride bikes mainly in the forest.
When I told my friends that I wanted to start adventure with a road bike noone believed it.

The first test trip of road bike ? It was amazing, it’s like driving a fast car but the only driver is you. Road bike is the freedom and I’m choosing it.  You can  improve yourself constantly in this passion . Yes, I am an amateur – this is my hobby.

The road bike is an absolute passion for me and  my motivation  for the futher actions  in my private life and professional life as well.

Exept road bike, I cycle in the forest. I sometimes run and execrice at the gym to rest from  my bike.
However, cycling is a remedy for all evil. If you ask me when I feel bad, I will answer – When I cannot go for a bike ride during the week..

«Passion gives meaning to life so do not give up on this”.


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